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About Union Valley Baptist Church
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Atmosphere – UVBC is a small church, where we strive to fulfill the command to love one another as Christ loved us, and by this, making known that we are his disciples. Our desire is to love genuinely all those whom Christ brings our way, and to care for each person that we are privileged to meet in our services. We pray that the atmosphere in our church is an atmosphere of grace and love.

Music – Our music is a mix of traditional hymns and modern songs with a piano accompaniment. We purpose to sing songs that are theologically true, God exalting, and which provoke true expression of joy in God and what He has done.

Preaching and Teaching – At UVBC, we are committed to expository preaching through books of the Bible, with verse by verse explanation and application of the text. We are convinced that this is the best way to focus on what God has said, and not a man’s own ideas or opinions. Our various Bible study times are more laid back teaching, with group discussion.

Global Missions – We support a various number of ministries around the world each month through prayer and financial giving. This is for the purpose of making known the glories of Christ and the gospel to those who have never heard, for the joy of all peoples.
Committed to helping others grow in their relationship with Christ